Ted looking worried with mapThe first stop on my feminist road trip is Akron, Ohio, but my husband says I shouldn’t tell.

“If you blog about it, people will know where you are, and someone might try to kidnap you,” Ted says.

He is worried about many aspects of my road trip. His fears range from me breaking down on a deserted road with no help available for 100s of miles, to me getting myself arrested in a right-wing state for doing (crazy?) things I might have (jokingly?) mentioned, such as my desire to dump buckets of wire coat hangers onto the steps of the Missouri, Alabama and Mississippi capitols.

Yet as Ted talks about the possibility of me being kidnapped, I can hear his concern and sincerity. So I try not to laugh. But I can’t help it. I’ve considered many of the potential risks I could face as a solo traveler. But kidnapping? Probably not a realistic threat for 51-year-old me. A body-shaking HA! comes out.

Then composed, I say, “You’re so sweet to worry about me, dear. But I think I’ll be good.” I also assure him, yet again, that I will do nothing dangerous, stupid or that could lead to a need for bail money.

Several people have asked about the specific states and cities I’ll be visiting, so I’ve created the map below that shows all major stops. I want to keep the routes I’ll use to drive to each location, and stops along the way, to be as free-flowing as possible. But I’d love suggestions, if you have any.

For Ted’s peace of mind, the map does not include the dates I’ll be in each place. At least for now, I’ll keep that aspect of #WhereSheIs private. But please email me if you think you’ll be near where I might be. We can (publicly, for Ted’s and safety’s sakes 😎 ) meet up!

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